Resmed VAuto Bipap Machine Resmed machine VAuto Bipap | Sleep Apnea Machines

Resmed VAuto Bipap Machine Resmed machine VAuto Bipap | Sleep Apnea Machines

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Product Description

Resmed VAuto Bipap Machine - Resmed machine - VAuto Bipap -

AirCurve 10 VAuto BiLevel with HumidAir

Finally, get a good night's sleep with the AirCurve 10 VAuto BiLevel Humidifier with Heating Humidifiers from ResMed. With automatic pressure adjustment, advanced event detection, and integrated humidification, this premium BiLevel device is whisper-quiet and offers screen-dimming capabilities for a restful night's sleep.

AirCurve 10 VAuto Features and Benefits:

 Quiet and portable

 Superior data reports

 Automatic pressure adjustments

 TiControl function for lower respiratory events

 Easy to use display

 Advanced Moisturizing Technology

 Enjoy a night of quiet rest, as this BiPAP machine operates at just 27dBm. Weighing less than three pounds, the ResMed AirCurve 10 VAuto is easy to transport and meets FFA requirements for all phases of air travel.

 Super data reports for up to 365 sessions

 Sleep data treatment is recorded directly on the device's memory, which maintains compliance information for 365 usage sessions and detailed data reports for 30 sessions. Each VAuto device includes an SD card where you can download all the data.

 Experience fewer visits to the doctor with automatic pressure adjustments

 The AirCurve 10 VAuto can also act as a CPAP device, but it offers several modes that help you cope with treatment stress and can cancel doctor's appointments with the device's automatic adjustment function.

 In automatic mode, this device will automatically adjust to the exact required pressure; When CPAP is selected, you will experience gradual and incremental increases in baseline pressure before the set pressure is reached. CPAP mode also provides expiratory pressure relief (EPR), helping you fall asleep easier, achieve more natural sleep patterns and normal breathing.

 Easy-to-use display Easy-to-read menu

 Customize your sleep with these settings on the color LCD display with an easy-to-grip dial:

 Ramp Time: Reduce the treatment with a period of low pressure or select the AutoRamp function to allow the device to adjust the treatment pressure based on when you start sleeping.

 SmartStart: Once the BiPAP machine senses breathing, the treatment will start automatically.

 Humidifier Level: Choose from one (lowest) and eight (highest), or turn off the humidity setting completely.

 Run Warmup: Warm up the humidifier water before starting treatment with the Run Warmup setting.

 Mask fit: Ensure mask fit with seal integrity check. You'll see a green smiling face for a good fit or a red, frowning face for a bad fit.

 Leak Alert: A continuous alert will alert you if a major leak is detected or a mask is removed.

 Useful technology function to help with chronic diseases

 People with a respiratory disorder such as COPD may experience early or late changes from inhalation to exhalation during treatment, with TiControl Technology, you can reduce or prevent sleep disruption. The ResMed Aircurve also features compression support customization for more advanced conditions - whether you need a machine with constant pressure support or greater pressure support, the AirCurve10 VAuto has you covered.

 When this dual automatic adjusting device detects breathing outside the device settings, the automatic intervention helps adjust IPAP (inhalation) pressure and EPAP expiratory pressure, reducing sleep disturbances. TiControl settings include:

 TiMax: maximum length of inhalation

 TiMin: Minimum length of inhalation

 Trigger: level of sensitivity to inhaled allergens

 Cycle: Exhale sensitivity level

 Advanced humidifier technology to improve treatment comfort

 Integrated directly into the AirCurve 10 VAuto, the HumidAir integrated humidifier delivers consistent humidification and automatically adjusts the humidification level based on room temperature. You can easily adjust the humidification level and set the desired amount of humidity based on eight setting options. To further improve heated hydration with Humidair Humidifier, also consider using a heated tube.

Accessories with the ResMed VAuto BIPAP Machine:

 Built-in Heating Humidifier

 standard water tray

 Standard 19mm tubes

 SD card (installed)

 1 standard filter (combined)

 Power supply and wire


 user's Guide

The medical market offers services when buying Sleep Apnea:

1 - Continuous support on the device Bipap

2 - Adjust the device settings according to the patient's condition

3- Installation and training service in hospitals or where the patient is located

4 - Warranty on the devices sold

5- Adjust settings and training by phone outside Jordan

6 - Issuance of Sleep Apnea treatment reports on Devilbiss devices

7 - maintenance of equipment

Medical Sooq 25/08/2022

Resmed VAuto Bipap Machine | Sleep Apnea Machines

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اونلاين Resmed VAuto Bipap Machine - Sleep Apnea Machines - Resmed machine - 1,900.00

Resmed VAuto Bipap Machine Resmed machine VAuto Bipap | Sleep Apnea Machines

1,900.00 JOD