oxygen regulator pin index  PI | Oxygen Regulator

oxygen regulator pin index PI | Oxygen Regulator

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oxygen regulator pin index - - PI -

The Oxygen Regulator with Pin Indicator with Screw Type Fitting is designed to reduce pressure and control the flow of oxygen from an oxygen cylinder or tank. The unit features a built-in flow control valve that maintains a pressure of 60 PSI and provides a variable flow rate in the range of 0-25 LPM when supplied with a cylinder of levels that can be used safely by the end user. The O2 Gas Regulator is intended for giving oxygen to patients who need increased oxygen levels to improve breathing conditions.


  • Compact design saves space and weight.
  • Aluminum construction with brass core construction will not rust for durability.
  • Fork outlet link to connect with the cylinder.
  • The built-in flow meter is available in 0-25 LPM increments.
  • The maximum inlet pressure is 4000 psi.
  • The current outlet pressure is 60 psi.

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oxygen regulator pin index PI | Oxygen Regulator

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