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Omron C101 Essential Nebulizer

55.00 JOD

The Omron C101 Essential is an essential compressor inhaler for everyday use, in all types of householdProvides reliable treatment for disease course of treatmentAsthma Inflammation - Bronchitis - Bronchiolitis - Chronic obstructive pulmonary diseaseProduct Dimensions : 18 x 18.9 x 17.9 cm; 1.33 KilogramsItem part number : ‎ C-101Country of Origin ..


Omron M1 Blood Pressure Monitor

44.00 JOD

With the OMRON M1 Basic, you can now measure your blood pressure comfortably, quickly and accurately.  Equipped with Intellisense technology that ensures reduced discomfort caused by excessive inflation in the cuff.OMRON M1 Basic specifications:Measuring Point | Cuff type : Upper Arm ( Elbow ) | Middle Cuff | 22 - 32 cmNumber of users | ..


Omron M2 Blood Pressure Monitor

65.00 JOD

Now you can conveniently, quickly and accurately check your blood pressure and easily monitor your results .Monitoring is made easy with the fully automatic digital OMRON M2 featuring Intellisense technology for soft cuff inflation .It is so easy to use that you can take readings with just one touchIntellisense Technology - This unique OMRON techno..


Omron M3 Blood Pressure Monitor

90.00 JOD

 The Omron M3 Comfort is a clinically validated blood pressure monitor that makes it easy for you to track your high blood pressure at home. From Omron, the number one cardiologist-recommended brand of home blood pressure monitors in EuropeOMRON M3 specifications:Measuring Point | Cuff type :  pper Arm ( Elbow ) | ..


Omron M4 Blood Pressure Monitor with Bluetooth

102.00 JOD

The Omron M4 Intelli IT is a clinically validated blood pressure monitor that simplifies monitoring your hypertension at home  . and automatically transfers your results to your smartphone by BluetoothOMRON M4 Intelli IT specifications:Measuring Point | Cuff type :  pper Arm ( Elbow ) | Intelli warp cuff (preformed).&n..


Omron M7 Blood Pressure Monitor

128.00 JOD

Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor The M7 Intelli IT is a clinically validated, Bluetooth enabled, blood pressure monitor that detects the possibility of Atrial fibrillation (AFib). From Omron the number one recommended brand by Cardiologists for home blood pressure monitors in EuropeOMRON M7 M7 Intelli ITspecifications:Measuring Point | Cuff type :&..

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