Wheelchair Accessories

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Wheelchair Sores Seat Cushions With Foam

145.00 JOD 150.00 JOD

Wheelchair Air Bedsore with Foam is a high-quality pressure-relieving seat cushion system that provides better comfort for those who sit often and for a long time.Helps reduce pressure by distributing pressure over a wider contact area and aids capillary blood flow to prevent pressure ulcers.Wheelchair  Seat cushion featuresEasy to use co..


wheelchair stair bridge

175.00 JOD

It is one of the best solutions when using a wheelchair in an environment that contains steps ramp, that makes use easy and safe and keeps the wheelchair from breaking as a result of being lowered on the stairs.The height of the wheelchair bridge can be controlled as needed by pressing the length button  Wheelchair Bridge Specifications |..


wheelchair table

35.00 JOD

Multi-position, table height adjustableInnovative assistive deviceLightweight, durable and portableTable top: 11.5" x 9.75" x 0.75"Includes: table, hook, cup holder, carrying bagpatent pending..


Wheelchair Vest

20.00 JOD

Wheelchair jacket to fix the user - the patient - to the wheelchair   Wheelchair Vest | with buckle | RestraintsWeight 0.5 kgDimensions 28 x 19 x 6 cm..

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