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Lymphodema machine


The intermittent air device Lymphedema (edema - elephant's feet disease) is an alternative to the physiotherapy process that comes after injuries to the lymphatic vessels in the body as a result (surgeries or problems in the heart or liver ....), which leads to the inability of the lymph vessels to absorb body fluids Normally, fluids accumulate in ..


Antermittent Air Lymphoedema


Intermittent air device IPC lymphoedema is equipped with air chamber socks to compress the affected area due to fluid retention as a result of malfunctions in the lymphatic vessels or blood vessels, or after surgeries and health problems in the heart and liver, which causes lymphedema.It is used to compress the limbs with strong air that other medi..


Doctor Life IPC Air Intermittent Compression Pump


The Anycare Performance pressotherapy device from Doctor Life reduces the feeling of heavy legs by reactivating blood circulation in the lymphatic and blood circuits. This device is also particularly appreciated by athletes since it allows faster muscle recovery after training or competition. Anycare pressotherapy refluidifies the blood i..

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