Foot & Leg Massager  Win win | Massager Machine

Foot & Leg Massager Win win | Massager Machine

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Product Description

Foot & Leg Massager - - Win win -

The innovative feet and legs massager with a highly-careful design and modern technology for a comfortable and effective massage. It is a sophisticated and high-tech device that helps remove the pain of the feet and legs, stimulates blood circulation, gives the feet more comfort and removes tension from the body.

 It is an innovative device for foot and leg massage.

The foot and leg massager is carefully designed to massage both your feet and heels as well as the soles of the feet at the same time and is characterized by being automatic with internal massage systems programmed to massage your legs and feet quickly and comfortably.

  It has many benefits, including: removing anxiety, tension and depression, stimulating blood circulation, treating foot pain, treating migraines and headaches, relieving the effects of pregnancy and menstruation in women, and above all, helping to relax the entire body.


Material: ABS

Electrical Source: 220V/110V

Working Time: 15 minutes

Power: 80W

Motor: 2 motors

Product Size: 47X46X43cm

Massager Speed: high, medium, low

Relax the legs and feet muscles

Promote positive blood flow Heating,TPR material instead of foam



15-Minute Auto Shut-Off

Choose From 3 Levels Of Intensity

Zip-Out Hand-Washable Fabric Liner

Easy Access On/Off/Program Control Pad

Foot Massage And Calf Massage Can Work Independently

Special Roller Targets Calf Muscles, Ball And Arch Of Foot!

Flexible Air-Pressure Kneading Pads Feel Like A Real Massage.

Effectively Squeezes And Massages Feet, Ankles & Calves All At The Same Time.

8 Massage Discs For Feet And 4 Discs For Calves Provide A 360? All-Dimensional 

Medical Sooq 30/08/2022

Foot & Leg Massager | Massaging Devices

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Foot & Leg Massager Win win | Massager Machine

125.00 JOD