Electric Stair Climbing Chair JIANLIAN ECLSW | Electric Wheelchair

Electric Stair Climbing Chair JIANLIAN ECLSW | Electric Wheelchair

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Product Description

Electric Stair Climbing Chair - JIANLIAN - ECLSW -

Electric Stair Climbing Chair up and down This chair can transport patients, the elderly and people with special needs up to a weight of 165 kg and go up and down with them up to 2500 degrees in a single charge

The stair chair does not need to make an effort to go up and down the stairs, only the work of the person to be moved on the stairs

The patient cannot carry out the process of selling and going down the stairs alone

Multiple uses of the staircase chair for medical, evacuation and commercial use for transporting goods

Device Specifications:

1 - Structure made of aluminum

2 - Product size (length * width * height): 105 * 49 * 158 cm

3 - Weight capacity: 169 kg / 380 lbs

4 - Weight of the chair: 27 kg

5 - Battery charging time: full charge 6 - 8 hours

6 - Duration of work on the charge: 2500 degrees

Electric Stair Climbing Chair include

 - chair

 - battery

 - Charger

 - instruction manual

 - 2 keys

 Dust cover

 - One year limited warranty.

Easy to operate when going up or down stairs with the control button.

Integrated automatic stop, holder jacks locks

Rechargeable lithium battery.

Front 100mm smooth swivel wheels and 125mm high rise rear wheels with brakes.

The tension of the home belts is adjustable.

The soft seat and back are removable and washable.

Footrest extension and track angle increase the patient's sense of security.

Lockable and storage mechanism

Three lift positions and handles that reduce pressure.

And the battery, the transverse, the active, and the active battery power.

Durable powder-coated coating removes dirt easily - washable

2.5cm of track-to-ground clearance provides smooth rolling of carpets and rough surfaces

Removable seat panels

The head and foot lift handles teach ergonomic lifting technology

Positive lock for safety and rigidity, folds into a compact size for convenient storage

Medical Sooq 30/08/2022

Electric Stair Climbing Chair | Electric Wheelchair

user-MGHLEG 22/12/2018

ساعدنا كثير في صعود المريض للدرج مع انه خطير على المريص (احذر السقوط ) لازم يكون فيه مرافق مع الكرسي صعب التدويري فترض الاهتمام بصناعته للدرج وليس كعربه.إيجابيات هذا المنتج:مساعدة صعود الدرج بطاريه ممتازه.سلبيات هذا المنتج:درجة ميول الراكب صعبه كان بالمكان ميول اقل. صعب الدوران خطير على الراكب

omer 16/12/2016

افضل دليل عن المصاعد وكراسي صعود ونزول الدرج الأخرى.. وسعره منافس جدا

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Electric Stair Climbing Chair JIANLIAN ECLSW | Electric Wheelchair

1,450.00 JOD