Devilbiss BiLevel S Bipap Devilbiss HealthCare IntelliPAP BiLevel S

Devilbiss BiLevel S Bipap Devilbiss HealthCare IntelliPAP BiLevel S

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Product Description

Devilbiss BiLevel S Bipap - Devilbiss HealthCare - IntelliPAP BiLevel S -

Devilbiss BiLevel S Bipap

IntelliPAP BiLevel is a versatile therapeutic solution for users with high pressure needs. Take advantage of adjustable IPAP and EPAP settings along with advanced reporting. Now with SmartCode, IntelliPAP can generate online treatment reports. This unit is backed by an industry-leading 2-year warranty and one of the quietest machines on the market.

The DeVilbiss IntelliPAP BiLevel System is designed to improve treatment efficacy. Benefit from BiLevel's exclusive Flow-Rounding technology that helps calm breathing patterns between IPAP and EPAP stresses. DeVilbiss combines all the benefits of IntelliPAP along with:

 Adjustable apnea / dyspnea detection

 Automatic height adjustment

 Ramp pressure

 Flow-Rounding Technology

 soft start

 SmartCode treatment compliance tracking

 Auto on/off

 Backup battery option

 reminder alert

 Backlit LCD screen

 Easy-to-follow CPAP user list

 2 years warranty

 Unit operation is achieved by mooring with BiLevel, eliminating the need for bulky transducers or additional hoses. IntelliPAP is quiet and ideal for travel.

Flow-Rounding Technology:

 IntelliPAP BiLevel has the ability to soften exhalation to resist breathing by breathing in to increase treatment efficacy. IPAP and EPAP breathing patterns are adjusted based on an unassisted Zero setting and up to a maximum of 5

soft start:

 Advanced ramp feature, Soft Start slowly increases pressure to set IPAP levels over a 10-second period, improving overall acclimatization.

Smart Code

 SmartCode is a simple and easy way to review your sleep performance without having to purchase software. Starting the day after the first treatment, the IntelliPAP device begins displaying SmartCode messages on your device's LCD screen. Each message is a unique encoded code containing the results of your sleep therapy. IntelliPAP quickly confirms compliance using a degree of compliance. Physicians use the compliance percentage score to determine if the user is compatible with BiLevel LCD (Local Coverage Determination). SmartCodes report compliance based on the best thirty consecutive days of use. Icons for the following calendar schedule can be generated:

 day 1

 7 days

 30 days

 90 days


Device accessories:

1 - Humidifier

2 - CPAP muzzle

3 - air filters

4 - air hose

5- It is mounted to store and transport the device

The medical market offers services when buying Sleep Apnea:

1 - Continuous support 24 hours on the CPAP device

2 - Adjust the device settings according to the patient's condition

3- Installation and training service in hospitals or where the patient is located

4 - Warranty on the devices sold

5- Adjust settings and training by phone outside Jordan

6 - Issuance of Sleep Apnea treatment reports on Devilbiss devices

7 - maintenance of equipment

CAUTION: The device does not come with the external battery or DC cord

CAUTION: When using DC, the humidifier does not work

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Devilbiss BiLevel S Bipap Devilbiss HealthCare IntelliPAP BiLevel S

1,540.00 JOD