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Apex Domus 2 Medical bed sores matress

JOD95.00 JOD110.00

Domus 2 medical air bed for bedsores with a large cross-sectional balloon size of 4 inches equals 10 cm Suitable for patients at risk of developing ulcers for heavy weights and formoderate injuries, allowing a large amount of air to enter under the patient It comes with an air mattress, a waterproof mattress cover and an inflatable motorW..

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Apex Domus 3 Medical bed sores matress


Apex Dumus 3 medical airbed with tube pump • An air mattress designed to help care for patients with clinical ulcers, by having air cells that get bigger and smaller to relieve pressure on different parts of the body. • The possibility of converting the system to the fixed mode • Facilitate all nursing procedures, including wound car..


Bed sores mattress Apex Domus 1

JOD35.00 JOD40.00

Air Bed sores matress For the prevention of bed sores resulting from lack of air flow under the patient as a result of lack of movement and constant pressure on the skin and skin friction and sweatingAlternating pressure redistribution system Suitable for patients at risk of developing ulcers This lightweight, alternating pressure pa..

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