Wide shower chair

Wide shower chair

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Product Description

Portable Bathtub Seats To Anywhere In The Bathroom Or Outside The Shower Seat Height Adjustable With Armrests And Backrest

#JL799L is a model of shower carriage seat which is made of lightweight and durable aluminum tubes as legs and high strength PE as seat panel to provide an excellent showering experience. Each leg comes with a spring lock pin to adjust the height to meet your specific needs. The seat board and backrest have non-slip holes and drain during use. This chair has armrests and a backrest that provide extra comfort. The bottom ends are made of anti-slip rubber to reduce the accident of slipping.


4 legs made of lightweight and durable aluminum tubes with

   Anodized finish.

Each leg has a spring-locking bolt to adjust seat height (5 levels, 16.93" to 20.87") 2.

The seat panel is made of high strength polyethylene

The armrests and backrest provide extra comfort

The seat board has some holes to drain the surface water and reduce slip accidents

Each leg has an anti-slip rubber tip

Support weight up to 250 lbs 112.5 kg.

Seat width 71cm / 27.96in

Seat depth 45cm / 17.72

Seat height 43-53 cm / 16.93 -20.87″ (adjustable in 5 levels)

Backrest height 38cm / 14.96

Total width 76 cm / 29.93 ohms

Total depth: 53 cm / 20.87 ohms

Overall height 71-81cm / 27.96-31.89″ (adjustable in 5 levels)

weight cap. 112.5 kg / 250 lbs.

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Wide shower chair

Wide shower chair