3L3 Walking Stick

3L3 Walking Stick

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Product Description

3L3 Walking Cane The purpose of the stick is to partially maintain the weight of the human body, and maintain balance when walking and standing.

The cane also reduces the load on the affected limb and promotes coordinated body movement when walking.

Stick Features:

Anatomical ergonomic wooden handle.

Handle width - 11.5 cm.

Made of durable and lightweight aluminum.

The top and bottom can be separated.

10 levels of height adjustment.

Adjustable height from 69.5 to 92 cm in 2.5 cm increments.

Replaceable non-slip rubber tips.

Edge size - 15 cm.

The maximum load is 100 kg.

Weight - 0.3 kg.

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3L3 Walking Stick

3L3 Walking Stick