Ankle And Foot Braces And Splints

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Air Walker Boot

75.00 JOD

Proven to effectively treat fractures and manage swelling, the Air Shield Walker Boot from Conwell offers a healthy alternative to traditional foot casts ensuring ease of use and accommodating different leg shapes.Indications ::     The use of the pneumatic ankle splint is indicated after acute ankle sprains, stable fractures, and fo..


Ankle Air Cast Conwell

28.00 JOD

. Air Cast is made of specially designed plastic moldsThanks to the internal air cushions, it fits the foot anatomically and provides maximum stabilityIndications :    Immobilize ankle    Reduce swelling    Prevent sprains and strainsAdvantages :     The lateral sides are an..


Gelenke Ankle Support Plastic

18.00 JOD

 Made of neoprene fabric that provides warmth and protectionAround the malleolus, the stabilizing inner and outer plastic plates are produced separately in accordance with the position of malleolusIt can be completely opened, thus it is easy to useThe figure-8 elastic transverse strap provides extra supportIt supports the ankle, reduces edema ..


Gelenke Ankle Support with Silicone Pad Knitted

14.00 JOD

Made of highly elastic, air permeable and compressive knitted fabric Sustains body’s own release of heat effectively improve blood circulation, promote metabolism, enhance immunity also applies compression, prevents edema Indications  :     Ligament instability and rapture    Edema preven..


Gelenke Foot Guard night

30.00 JOD

T strapped ankle orthosis manufactured of thermoplastic material with terry cloth coating Ensures the fix 90 degrees stand, prevent rotation of the ankle with T StrapIndications :It is used in cases of foot drop or fallIt maintains the fixation of the feet in different positions, especially during sleepbody measurementsS 34-37 cmM 38-41 cmL 42-45..

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